NCMPastorPic_BishopMommaBishop Wiley and his wife, Dr. Jeana, are the founders of New Covenant Ministries in Jacksonville, Florida. Their pulpit is a rich source of solid Bible teaching. They believe that the principles for overcoming all obstacles of life are found in the pages of God’s Holy Word. Their ministry expresses the strength and stability that comes from the Fountain of Life – Jesus! They share a passion for souls and for each other. Their desire is to see marriages in the Body of Christ become strong, happy and blessed of God. New Covenant Ministries is a soul-winning and missions- minded church.

NCMPic_YolandaYolanda joined our ministry in 2004.  She is a seasoned minister that flows in the office of the prophetic. Yolanda gave her life to the Lord in 1980 and has not looked back once.  She is the Director of Ministries, oversees the Membership Classes, Singles With Vision and Hospitality ministries.  She is a single woman, with a single purpose – to care for the flock of God.

NCMPic_PastorCThe Bakers have been saved since 1993 and members of New Covenant since 1994. They have been faithful servants and steadfast in their commitment over the years reaching out to God’s people. Carlton and Carmen have been married since 1986. They are also a vital part of the Marriage Ministry Team. Their hobbies and interests include watching old family movies, reading, swimming and walking on the beach. They are the proud parents of one daughter.

NCMPic_GenaveveGeneaver Gibson-Hall has been a part of our Ministry since 1993. Though she grew up as a “Preacher’s Kid” she did not have a personal relationship with the Lord until she was 19 years old. She has overcome mightily as a single parent of 2 children. She currently oversees our Children’s Church, Dust Busters, and Drama ministries and serves as a Care Group leader and with the Marriage Ministry Team. She enjoys traveling overseas while using creative God-given ideas to win souls. She also enjoys writing children’s books and encouraging the Body of Christ that they are victorious in HIM. Her hobbies are reading, walking on the beach and spending time with her family.

In January of 2010, Geneaver married Deacon Samual Hall.

NCMPic_MaryMary has been walking with the Lord for 17 years and been a part of our ministry for over 10. She started going to church after a major personal crisis in her life and soon found the love of God. One weekend, while watching a video with a friend from church, she quietly excused herself and went upstairs into her bedroom and gave her life to Jesus. She currently serves as the pastor of the Intercessory Prayer ministry. She has worked with city-wide prayer groups as well. Her favorite hobbies are traveling and doing missionary work. She is the proud parent of one son.

NCMPic_MiguelsBill and Diane have been a part of our ministry since the beginning. Diane got saved when she was 16 and Bill gave his life to the Lord at 23. Diane attended Glynlea Methodist coffee house and was introduced to the home meetings which were the beginnings of New Covenant Ministries. Bill and Diane have been involved in all of the building projects that you see on our property. They currently oversee the Work Day and the Altar Call Ministry. Bill’s hobby is fishing while Diane enjoys walking. Their passion is the presence of the Lord. They are the parents of two daughters and one grandson.

NCMPic_CharlesSofiaCharles and Sophia have been a part of our ministry since 2003. They both grew up in church. Sophia got saved when she was 13 years old and received the Holy Spirit that same day. They became stronger in 2000 when they got married. They possess a spirit of joy that affects everyone that they meet. They are ordained Chaplains over our Armed Forces Ministry and service as liaisons to the U.S. Navy as well as other branches of the United States Armed Forces in our area. Charles enjoys talking and laughing with people and Sophia’s hobbies are cooking, reading and exercising. They are the survivors of six children.